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24 Day Challange-BLOG

Day 3

Posted by thetexasrose on February 5, 2011 at 10:38 PM

Day 3 was amazing! I have felt better today that I have felt in a very long time. It was much like the other days but I mastered the fiber drink today. Mix with juice or rehydrate and chug chug chug as soon as the blades stop on the mixer. Taste good and goes down easier. Everyone is saying already that I am looking good. They look at me weird like something is different. The make a comment about my hair or something. They are just not sure what it is yet.

The spark is really helping with energy I took it only this morning and had a v-16 this afternoon. I am noticing I am eating smaller portions. I feel satisfied. I start the probotic tomorrow.

We had a meetin this afternoon and I learned a lot about the products and the business side. I wish you could just hear what they tell us it is amazing but I can never remember it all to tell anybody. I can say yes this company has products that help people lose weight but this is not a weight loss company. This is a nutrition company. These products are safe and they work. These products go through vigerous test to ensure safety. We have numerous sports endorsments from people like Drew Brees he is a pro football player and he gets paid $0. We are backed by some Dr.s all over the country who help formulate them for optimal nutrition and safety. The majority of the people that take these products and stick with them do  not have to see Dr.s on a regular basis because they are healthier.

You can earn money 5 different ways in this company. Or if you want the nutrition without the business just sign up as a wholesale customer and receive a 20% discount on all your products you purchase. Its like having a membership to Sam's you pay $79 to join the membership for a year and you automaticlly get 20% off all products. Then only pay $50 a year after that to keep your discount. It pays for itself in no time!

With our country in the termoil it is in and our health care crisis now is the optimal time to check this out.

My friends that got me in to this have now lost 9 & 7 pounds in 12 days with no excercised at all and feel better and have more energy than they have had in a very long time.

Well I am excited to see the results after my 10 days are up. Some of you have also expressed interest in my results so tune in everyday to see my progress!

Tah Tah

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