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24 Day Challange-BLOG

Day 7

Posted by thetexasrose on February 9, 2011 at 8:03 AM

Well I am starting out the day  sick. I will not let it stop me tho!

I had the Citrus Spark and I love it. It is my number 2 fav. just under mandarine orange.

My 14 year old had a SPARK yesterday before he went to school and when he got home from school he came to me and said " Mom something happened to me today" I said "what" he said "I felt good, I did not get tired until the late afternoon and my teachers kept giving me compliments all day because I was participating in class and answering questions . I think that drink worked! I want one everymorning!"



I am so excited, Y'all just dont get how much I have struggled with my weight. I do not know what has happened to change my body to where I am accually losing but its Advocare.  Everyone is amazed because I am just on the herbal cleanse. BTW, dont be scared of the word "CLEANSE" this will not keep you running to the potty or anything like that. It is mild on your system. I poo once a day and while it is productive it is not bad!!  I have not even started the vitamins yet. I am not hungry all the time. I have not been craving the sweets like i did before and I feel so good,   and my blood surgars have dropped in one week from the upper 120's , 130's, to this morning m reading was 108!!! Some of the reason is the way I am eating. I am choosing healthier foods but it is not a sacrifice right now. It is a choice!




 If you dont change what you've been doing you will not progress. I have made up my mind, I am sticking with this and I will be successfull!

I will lose this weight and make money while Im doing. And I am here to take anyone of you with me. I am here to help you. YOU WILL NOT BE ALONE!

You would be in business for yourself but not BY YOUR SELF! You would be part of our family. If we help you succeed it helps us all succeed! I talk to my sponser daily!


So are going to sit on the sidelines and watch and hear me do it! Or are you going to be by my side doing it too! This is your chance to make the choice to join with me and my Advocare family and we will all go to the top as a team!


Dinner was very good tonight I cooked chicken chili. I was craving chili so I imprivised.  I made chili just replaced the ground beef for chicken breast.  I did miss having cheese tho. I almost cheeted  and got some but I resisted. Man that was hard! Although, I think I ate a little bit to much, I am full!  My stomach must have shrank some cause I couldn't eat as much as I usually do.  See this meal plan is very flexable. Eating good and healthy is not bad at all!


Tah Tah







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