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24 Day Challange-BLOG

Day 12

Posted by thetexasrose on February 15, 2011 at 10:28 AM

Well the vitamins are working well. Im not se hungry as I use to be. I get satisfied quicker and the cravings a gone. Im not eating to fill a void I am eating for nutrition.

I went ahead and weighed to make sure that adding foods back in was not going to cause a gain and my results were- im down 12 lbs now!

So I am not going to be weighing until my 24th day of the challange.  We will all have to be suprised at that point.

I had my shake for breakfast, baked fish and veggies at lunch and snack bar for snack, pork loin, butternut squash, carrots, and a little rice for dinner and a cup of grapefruit drained for evening snack. I have drank about 10 to 12 cups of water through out the day.

I excersised for 60 mins ( 25 on eleptical and 35 on a different eliptical I did 2 different programs) I was doing the excercise for 8 months prior and was not losing weight so I know it is the products.


People keep saying "I dont have time" or "ill wait and see how it works for you" or " when your making money then ill do it" Come on y'all. Its working. 12 lbs is a lot for me. Not to mention I have made over $50 and I have not done anything except order a few products for a couple people.  Heck that will pay a water bill!

I have a business and a job not to mention a hubby and 2 kids so I know busy. It does not take much time to answer questions when people talk to you about it. If you dont have time thats fine send them to me and I will do the work and you can reep the benefits!


All im asking is give it a chance. The products work! people will see that they work by looking at you with the results you would have.

I would take these products even if I didnt lose weight because I feel amazing!

Maybe you dont have any weight to lose or maybe you just want energy. We have products for that too!


Check it out! Ask me how you can save 20%, 25%, 30%, or even 40%!

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