15 Best Candles: Best Candle Scents to Try in 2019

15 Best Candles: Best Candle Scents to Try in 2019

The search for the best candles is not an easy one. A quality candle should smell good and last for a long time. Selecting that perfect scent is important! The problem is, there are so many to choose from. How are we supposed to make a decision?

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Types of Candles

There are three main types of candles that most people are familiar with:

  • Jar Candle. These are my favorite and the focus of this list. They come in many different shapes and styles. More importantly, they come in so many great scents!
  • Taper Candle. These look great at a dinner table or on the mantle at Christmas. This is the traditional long, slender candle we see in movies and films.
  • Tea Light & Votives. These small candles create a beautiful soft light. Many stores sell tea light holders that fit with any decor style. Some will also float which can transform an outdoor space into a beautifully lighted wonder. Votive candles are a bit larger than tea lights and are typically placed in candle holders.

My Top Recommended Candles

These are candles I have either tried or have great reviews and want to try for 2019. I’ve tried to include a mixture of candles for use at home as well as to give as gifts.

1. Fresh Linen Soy Candle

I love the fresh linen scent for my home. It just leaves things smelling so fresh! I have it exclusively in my plug-in air fresheners so it makes sense that I would have to rate this candle #1 on my list. It burns well and it smells fantastic!

2. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint

This Eucalyptus spearmint candle is my absolute favorite for the bathroom. Whether I am taking a bath or a shower, this candle is the right answer. Typically, I’ll light it a few minutes before I’m ready to hop in. This gives the candle the opportunity to fill the room with it’s wonderful fragrance. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it!

3. Bath & Body Works Lemon Zest Aromatherapy Candle

I don’t know what it is about this candle but it is my favorite in the kitchen. Whether you are making dinner for the family or cooking a Thanksgiving feast, this candle really keeps the kitchen smelling fresh. Mostly I use this one in summer as I prefer floral scents in the spring and rustic scents in the winter. Still, this is a great candle to have in your inventory!

4. Great Birthday Gift Candle

This candle smells great and it’s fun container makes it a great birthday gift. Am I the only one that keeps two or three unused candles around for emergency presents?

5. Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle

Smokers in your home? I don’t smoke but my family members that do swear by this candle. As a non-smoker, I’ll have to admit their houses do smell pretty darn good when I come over. With over 2000 reviews this candle still has four stars. It must be doing something right. I hear the trick is to light it at least 10 – 20 minutes before guests come over.

6. Homesick Scented Candle

Another great gift candle or one to just have lying around. There is a different candle scent made specifically for each state to remind your friends and family of the scents of home. The easiest way to find your state is to search for “YourState Candle” i.e. California Candle, Texas Candle, etc. They also have countries like France, Canada, etc.

7. Best Candles for Men

This is a great gift set of three manly scented candles for the men in your life. The packaging is excellent and the scents are fabulous. Even as a woman, I do like the occasional rustic scent. Especially so when the fire is going. No man is too manly for a candle.

8. Peace and Tranquility

Something we all need is peace and tranquility right! This candle from Chesapeake Bay has a nice clean, refreshing scent. It is great for relaxing and unwinding in the bedroom. Remember to practice candle safety though and don’t fall asleep with it burning!

9. Lilac Scented Mason Jar Candle

The two things I particularly like about this candle are its fresh, floral scent that is great for springtime, and its mason jar packaging. It really fits in with the farmhouse style decor I have going on in my house.

10. Pet House Candles

Does your house smell like dog (or cat)? I think, as pet owners, we don’t realize that sometimes there can be a pet odor. I think we get used to our own house smells over time. When I am having company over I’ll try to always light a candle. Not necessarily a pet specific one but I do think this candle does a great job with covering up pet odors. This company makes a bunch of great scents so I’m sure you will find one you like. My favorite over the holidays was the Evergreen Forest.

11. Candles with Quotes

Another great candle gift idea are candles with quotes. There are some good ones to fit various situations like retirement, inspiration, motivation, adventure, etc. Surprisingly, not as many quotes as you would think there would be but if you can find the candle that fits your gift situation it is definitely a nice touch.

12. Prank Scented Candles

April Fool’s day is coming up soon so I had to include these in the list. There are a couple of different options you can get. The best prank one is this one where it starts out smelling great and then things take a turn for the worse! Alternatively, there are candles that have weird smells like “Nacho Cheese” or just prank packaging like “Unicorn Farts” which actually smells pretty fruity.

13. Coconut Scented Candle in Coconut Shell

I have yet to try this one but it is definitely on my list. It is so unique looking. Coconut scented in a real coconut shell! That would definitely bring back some vacation memories or be perfect for Survivor finale night parties!

14. Cash Money Candles

Another great gift idea here. There are a variety of different options for flavor and scent. The fun part of these candles is that each one contains at least $2 cash. Everybody loves a surprise right! Even if it is only $2 it is the joy of “finding” it that is fun!

15. Relaxation / Mediation Candle

Great for relaxing or meditating in the house. This candle lasts a long time and is USA made. There are various scents available that may help you to relax and calm your mind.

Best Candle for 2019

Who knows what will wind up being the best candle of 2019. For me its going to be hard for any candle to replace my Bath and Bodyworks favorites but we’ll see! What is your favorite candle? Let me know in the comments below.

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