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I have heard of AdvoCare for many years now but have never tried it before. I always thought it was too expensive for me to purchase. When my best friend called and asked me to come with her to a meeting  I was stand off-ish and said well ill come but im not interested in taking it I do not have the money to buy the products money is very tight right now. She said no problem you dont have to buy anything. So I went and listened to what they had to say. They showed people who had lost weight and before and after photos. I started thinking these are real people. Their photos look like  them just a lot smaller. I listened on and when they got to the point of telling about the business side of it all it just started clicking. I have done many things before and I never made any money at it but this one made a lot of since. They really sparked my interest. I really started to believe this could accually work. After everyone left I hung back and asked a bunch of question. I started telling them about how I had just prayed the day before for God to send me help. I need to desprately lose weight and I need and extra $500 a month to help with bills.  I instantly started crying because I knew God had sent Kelly to me to show me there is a way to help with both things I needed. In my first pay-period (2 weeks) I have lost 10 lbs , gained a lot of energy, and have gone up to the 30% level and earned a few bucks on the way. My goal is to make it to 40% before the end of my next pay-period. 

Update 9-15-2011:

I am 6 months into the business and using Advocare I am down 39 lbs and I have lost 28" over all and feel amazing! I am the 40% income level and I did do it the next pay period and I am making $500 a month and about to make the jump to $1000 a month.  It really kicked into gear last month (August) I went to Success School and I caught the vision of the company. This company has integrity, passion,and the willingness to teach and help anyone willing to give an effert. I have a whole new branch of family, I call them my Advocare Family!


Drew Brees is the quarterback for the Saints. He is the Official National Spokesperson of AdvoCare.

World-class athletes,
coaches and performers
use and endorse AdvoCare products to help them perform at peak levels.
That’s why these endorsers are proud to add their names to  AdvoCare.

Building on our eight-year relationship, Drew stepped into this new role in March 2010. He is involved in national marketing efforts for AdvoCare, as well as an active spokesperson for the company.

A loyal AdvoCare product user and endorser since 2002, Drew believes in the power of the products. "All of the products I take help me feel like I'm getting the maximum amount out of my workouts and out of my practice work. They’re a big part of preparing and recovering each week."

The relationship between Drew and AdvoCare extends beyond products. AdvoCare supports the Drew Brees Foundation, started by Drew and his wife Brittany and participated in the “The Amazing Race” event in New Orleans presented by the foundation.

About Drew Brees
Drew was named this year’s MVP of the NFL Championship Game. He has been recognized for his performance on and off the field as an athlete and for his charitable contributions and volunteer work.

Career Highlights:

  • 2010 Pro Football World Champion and Championship game MVP
  • 3-time Pro Bowl Player ('09, '07, and '04)
  • 2008 AP Offensive Player of the Year
  • 3-time FedEx Air Player of the Year (’09, ’08, and ’04))
  • 2006 Co-Walter Payton "Man of the Year"
  • 2006 All-Pro first team
  • 2004 Associated Press "Comeback Player of the Year"

Products Drew Uses:

AdvoCare Slam®
AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink
Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink
Muscle Strength™
Nighttime Recovery
Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink
AdvoCare Slim®
Arginine Extreme
AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel
Muscle Gain™ Protein Shake
Joint ProMotion™
O2 Gold
V16® Energy Drink



This woman inspired me. There are so many stories like hers in this company.

AdvoCare is not a weight loss company or a pyramid scheme. This is a company that teaches you proper nutrition and how to feed your body with the right vitamins and  minerals to optimize your personal nutrition. This is a company that builds relationships. These people are all about God and Family. It is amazing. God sent me to them and I am glad he did.


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