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Quotes I met Nikki several years ago when I bought a candle from her at Diboll Day...I also grabbed a card and noticed that she was located in Nacogodches. I work in Nacogdoches and contacted her and have bought candles from Nikki ever since. I have grown to know and love most of the family and have gotten the absolute BEST and FRIENDLIEST service!!! I have dogs and burn candles daily...I absolutely LOVE the soy candles. Nikki even knows my favorites! It has been a pleasure dealing with Nikki over the last several years and I look forward to seeing you more this new year! Thank you, Shannon May-Johnson Quotes
Shannon May-Johnson

Quotes I have just found a new candle shop! THIS ONE! These candles were just recently (yesterday) introduced to me. I purchased four candles from a Nettie Marshall student... not knowing anything about this product, I was mainly doing it for him and the school raising money for the choir... You can't go wrong with the Creme Brulee.. so I ordered.. HOWEVVER I got a wiff of the Strawberry Kiwi.. and I LOVE IT.... Not only have i now found a new smell I can't live without, I have now found a new candle supplier. I got to smell a number of candles .. and they are wonderful!! I lit one of mine last night and it did exactly what I wanted, the aroma went throughout my house.. The Texas Rose has exceeded my expectations on their candles, I can not wait to try out some of the other scents and products they offer!! Thank you to The Texas Rose for having such a great product!!! Quotes
Candle Crazy Client