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Have Fun & Make Money from Home 
with this Exciting...Home Candle Business!

Are you a Candle Lover like me?

If so, then  I'd like to introduce you to a home business opportunity

 that's both FUN and PROFITABLE!

Did you know that Scented Candles are a 3 Billion Dollar Business?

Do you know that 8 out of 10 homes in America burn Scented Candles?

What does this mean for you?

How about an excellent opportunity to work from home, earn extra $$$,

and build long-term residual income for you and your family.

Our Heavenly  Scented Soy Candles are an in-demand,

high quality product that people actually want and you can feel proud to market.

 Want to work for a company that provides you the opportunity to

work from home while building a business that you will absolutely love and enjoy doing?

Discover what makes our candles so unique

and why consumers are calling them the "finest performing candle"  made

and our opportunity the “Best home based business opportunity of the decade!” 

We are always looking for new business partners to join us in this fun candle business

and we are very committed to helping people just like you succeed should you decide to get started.

Just look at what our Home Candle Business can offer you...

A natural soy wax candle that is a step above the rest!

Candles that are premium, richly scented, & longer lasting .

Cleaner burning, less soot,  nearly no wax left on the jar walls.


Versatile ways to earn income. 

One of the fastest ways in which you can earn money

with your home-based candle business is through retail sales.

What this means is that after you decide to become a representative,

you will have the opportunity to purchase our candles at deep discount prices.

This is referred to as buying product at wholesale cost. 

You may then sell the candles at a higher price and pocket the profit! 

This is known as retailing the product.

Does retail mean that I have to do candle parties?

The answer is ...No.. Only if you want to!

And you may want to when you learn how candle parties are fun, interactive,

and generate an Excellent source of income that puts money directly into your pocket!

Plus, you will get to build friendships through candle parties.

They are an excellent way to build long-term customer relationships.

With your Scent-Sational Candle Business you will have many ways to retail your candles.

The ways to offer your candles through retailing are virtually endless!


Below is a only a few of your retailing options:








The tools and training will be provided, you simply choose to become our representative 

pick which retail options that suits your available time & lifestyle.

We've have found that one of the biggest benefits of this business

is that you do not need to be a product expert. Most everyone is already very familiar with candles.

You only need to place one of our deliciously scented candles

under someone's nose and let the wonderful scent do all the selling for you!

We call this our SPIN & WIN technique,

spin the lid & win the sale! 

This has helped many earn an excellent part-time or full-time income with very little effort.


You choose the way you want to build your business based on

your own interests, strengths and lifestyle.

Have we PEEKED your interest? Would you like to know more? We sure hope so.

If you love candles and know others that love them too, this may be the business for you.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

 We are ALWAYS EXCITED about sharing this opportunity with other candle lovers

that are looking for a refreshing, and very successful business opportunity.

for more information contact me: Nikkie Strahan/owner


and I will send you more information on how to get started TODAY!