The Texas Rose

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   Spiced Sugar Plum~Sweet sugared plums with added warm spices.

   Jingle Berry ~Mulberry with a touch of spice.


   Oh Christmas Tree~The smell of a fresh pine tree cut out of the woods.


   Ja'k Frost~ A wonderful mix of vanilla and mint.

     Merry Christmas~ All things Christmas!!

   Seasons Greetings~A blend of Patchouli, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Incense warm up the air to wish a seasons greetings to all.  ONLY 2 / 12oz LEFT and we will no longer have this fragrance!


   Redneck Christmas~ All things Christmas! Best Selling Christmas Scent!

    Three Wise Men~Frankincence & Myrrh with gold flakes. The three gifts given when Jesus was born.

    Candy Cane~Yummy peppermint candy.


   Silent Night~ The peaceful fragrance of lavender and vanilla.



 Santa's Cookies~Satisfy your  sweet tooth with this warm, buttery freshly homemade cookie scent.

   Iced Cranberry~Sweet yet tart smell of juicy red cranberries with a cold icy hint of mint.

    Frankincence & Myrrh~Used throughout the ages to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, prayer and consciousness, frankincense & myrrh soothes the spirit and calms the soul.

      Creamy Dreamy Cocoa~Hot creamy cocoa MMMMM


   Christmas Splendor~All Christmas smells mingles together from the fresh tree to the smell of cinnamon and spices from the kitchen. Brings back memories from past Christmases.


Reindeer Dust~ Fresh cool mix that will just tickle your nose!

This one sells out every show!! Yes it is that good.



  Bayberry~Very unique fragrance. They say to burn through New Years for good luck all year!


  Warm Cinnamon~ Very good straight cinnamon. Favorite among most customers. Fill the room with a light cinnamon fragrance.