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Fall Scents

   Candy Corn~This treat is buttery and sweet just like the Brachs candy corns.


   Gourmet Cherry Candy Corn~What a treat our candy corn with a twist of cherry. Yumm!


    Gourmet Green Apple Candy Corn~Wow another treat our famous candy corn with a twist of green apple. Tart and sweet!!




    Trick or Treat~ A sweet mix of all things in the candy bag.  MMMM




 Oatmeal Raisin Cookie~Jusk like your Grandma made. Warm & gooie.


        Harvest Pumpkin Cookies~These are special. This is a Texas Rose exclusive. I make these delicous cookies every year for Thanksgiving and now have put this creation in a candle. A spiced pumpkin cookie bursting with plump crasins.


      Sweet Sticky Buns~ OOOOIE, GOOOOIE, YUMMY warm cinnamon buns with sweet creamy icing.


       Cinnamon Vanilla~ Creamy vanilla with the perect touch of cinnamon.


   Harvest Blessings~The smell of spiced pumpkin pie brings back memories of Autumn, Thanksgivings past and New England.  Notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and sweet pumpkin bring feelings of warmth and good cheer. BEST SELLER


    Pralines~ A wonderful mix that is very sweet with a touch of nuttiness. ~NEW~


       Creamy Caramel ~ Rich & gooie creamy caramel






      Pumpkin Bread~Warm moist pumpkin bread what more can I say.










  Cranberry Spice~ Cranberries & cinnimon

       Mulled Cider~A cold winter day is warmed by a steaming cup of apple cider, spiked with sweet orange and mulling spices.
    Pumpkin Brulee~ Our famous creme brule with a touch of pumpkin and spice. # 1 Seller in the Fall






       Apple Jak n Peel~Warm apples with a touch of spice.


    Caramel Apple~Take a trip to the nearest carnival!  Fruit and candy unite to create this favorite of young and old alike! 


   Candy Apple~Green apples smothered in cinnamon and carmelized brown sugar will take you back to the local county fair!








      Cappuccino Brulee ~Fresh, nutty,  coffee combination, accented lightly with creamy vanilla!  Lookout Starbucks!


      Cranberry~Sweet yet tart


     Cranberry Brule~Our famous creme brule with the sweet yet tart spike of cranberries




    Country Cabin~ All scents in a country cabin. From spices in the kitchen to the fireplace crackling with a warm flame.  
     Country Kitchen~ Like Grandmas Kitchen, a little bit of everything!  
      Warm Cinnamon~ Smells like warm cinnamon sticks  
     Pumpkin Pie~The aroma of sweet cream pumpkin, complimented with nuances of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger; rounded out with buttery vanilla notes.  
     7 Up Pound Cake~The aroma of buttery pound cake with notes of vanilla and almond, with top notes of 7 up, brown sugar and roasted pecans. You'll love this one! A best seller!  
     Cinnamin Apple Butter~ OOHH this is so good, just the right mix of apples and spice.  
     Almond Crunch~ A nutty mix of almonds and walnuts smells delicous  
     Spicy Vanilla~ Vanilla with a touch of warm spices  
    Blueberry Cheesecake~ Our famous cheesecake topped with sweet yet tart blueberries