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How To Order

To order products from The Texas Rose Gifts & Candle Shop just go to the contact me page or email me and write what you want to order. Make sure you include the size, scents, and products desired. Also include your email and phone number and I will send you a detailed invoice that can be paid  with credit cards , money orders or checks.   For credit card orders I need Card #, Name on the Card, exp. date, 3 digit # on back of card and address for the bill.

I decided after a lot of thinking that this would be the best way to do ordering online due to the fact that many of my customers want their order delivered in person.  This way I can give a more accurate amount for shipping and handling.

If you want your items to be shipped to you please include your address with your order so I can calculate shipping and handling. All of our packages require insurance due to the use of glass.  All calculations will be done thru USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise noted.

                                Have Fun Shopping!

I do not recommend shipping candles or lip balms in the months june-sept. Due to the heat they would likely be messed up by the time you receive them. Thanks...